⛥ Animator, Artist & Vtuber ⛥
❤Agender (Intersex) , He/They ❤

Why are your accounts 16+?
❤ A lot of my characters follow heavy themes which i am not comfortable discussing or sharing with children. My work is also often suggestive, which is pretty self explanatory!
What programs do you use?
❤ I use Clip studio paint EX for art + Animations, Live2D For animations & Vtuber rigs, & Sony vegas pro 14 for editing.
Why didn't you answer my DM?
❤ I don't generally answer people just looking for a chat unless we're mutuals, sorry.
Face reveal?
❤ No.
Discord server?
❤ Can be found via twitch!
Can we collab?
❤ I only collab with mutuals, i'm sorry! (IF YOURE A MUTUAL THOUGH .. GO AHEAD)
How are you friends with (insert other person here)?
❤ Mind your business
How old are you?
❤ I am currently in my 20s.
Why did you block me?
❤ I block anyone who is racist, homophobic, supportive of zoophilia, etc - or just generally anyone i think is annoying or said/did something i didnt agree with. Don't take it to heart, i just curate my online experiences :]
I found an account tracing/impersonating you, what do i do?
❤ DM me on twitter with the account link, and some screenshots.

Currently open!
⭐For better examples of my work, check out my Portfolio!Current commissions (link)

Icon/Head shot - $30 AUD

Bust up shot - $50 AUD

Half body/profile shot - $80 AUD

Fullbodies - $100 AUD

Sketches - $20 - 60 AUD

Price range depends on how much of the body you want shown. These are done on a plain white background.

To commission me, you need:
❤︎ A reference sheet
❤︎ Paypal (This is the ONLY service i will use to recieve payment, sorry!)
I Can do:
❤︎ NSFW (however i wont do certain kinks)
❤︎ Gore (To an extent. Tell me what you want, first!)
❤︎ Furries
❤︎ Humans
❤︎ Humanoids
I Can't do:
❤︎ Extremely complicated designs (Ask me)
❤︎ Characters with lots of Armor
❤︎ Robots (simple designs are an exception!)
❤︎ Sharks
❤︎ Some insects (Ask me!)

Do you want something thats not listed? DM me on twitter, and we can discuss it! (Link on homepage)

❤︎ Character references ❤︎
(open img in a new tab to see a better resolution!)
These are my main ocs, but you can find all of them over at
Toyhouse - This is where i store all my characters, their art, refs & more!

Ambers Toyhouse

Roxanne's Toyhouse

Imps Toyhouse

❤︎ Can't find an OC? Check for the rest of my characters over on Toyhouse! ❤︎

Live2D Rig Commissions
⭐Currently Closed!⭐

__Currently taking 7 slots per month!__Please note; my models are designed for PRPRLive! Let me know if you plan on using Facerig or Vtube studio for model tracking, as i will have to change some code/rig positions.Taking both Halfbodies and Fullbodies!For better examples check my Portfolio!Current commissions (link)

BASIC Head X + Body angle Z

Halfbody - $200 AUD
Fullbody - $350 AUD
Basic left/right head movement as well as left/right lean (rotation).

FULL Head + Body angle X , Y , Z

Halfbody - $400 AUD
Fullbody - $500 AUD

Full movement of the head and body, as well as left/right lean (rotation).

please note - all models come with physics! Please specify if theres something you don't want physics on!Model art: $100 AUD (Aka; i draw the model for you)Expressions : $ 20 AUD (No more than 5 expressions per model!)Animations: $ 50 AUD (No more than 2 animations per model!)Please note that base price may increase based on the complexity of your model.Commercial fees are already part of the price. Check TOS for more details on Commerical rights!Something not here that you're interested in? Get in touch with me at Twitter Or email me at [email protected] .PLEASE read the TOS before contacting me!

Nebulilac's Live2D TOS: Last updated 03/09/2022By commissioning me, you understand the following;1. I Only accept payment via paypal, using invoices. You will pay 50% of the price upfront upon purchase, and 50% when the rig is complete. Failure to pay full price will result in termination of the commission, and you will be blacklisted from commissioning me again. You are NOT welcome to pay me using cryptocurrency.2. You may only cancel or change big details of the commission before I begin to work on it. After i have begun rigging or completely finished the model art, you may no longer make changes.3. You must send the model to me as a PSD file.4. Upon purchase of a model rig, you own full commerical rights to the model (merchandise, monetization, etc.) The only thing i request is for the model not to be sold from it's original owner after it's complete.5. You MUST Credit me upon use of the model ( @Nebuiiiac on twitter.) If i find you are still not crediting me after directly asking you to, your videos will be DMCA'd and you will be blacklisted.6. If you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, a trump supporter etc etc my work is not and will never be for you. Not negotiable.7. I own the right to reject a commission if i feel unable to meet it's best requirements. On an occasion where i have to cancel a commission, a refund will be discussed and paid back either immediately or over a short course of time.8. Please keep in mind that i am heavily disabled, and models can take in between a month to 6 months depending on the type of model, the complexity and your place in the commission queue. You are welcome to ask for updates whenever you'd like, but please understand if it takes a bit to get large progress updates sometimes.(You can view my commission queue here to help you estimate the amount of time it may take to work on your commission!)9. I will not draw in other peoples art styles. Please refer to my Portfolio if you're looking for examples of my art style!10. Nothing made by Nebulilac, Nebulilaclive or AndromedaNebb may be used in any blockchain related technology, including NFTS, Cryptocurrency, or any future inventions in the space.

Artist credits baby!!!!

Lamb 2D Model:
Drawn by Chinjireta
Rigged by Me

Lamb gremlin mode: Hellvedica

Lamb (Furry) 3D Model: Mari Maru